1.8T Engine Notes

Making sure your 1.8T engine is healthy.

The 1.8T engines found within the Volkswagen Audi Group vehicles are now over 10 years old. It is important that your vehicle is 100% healthy and has had a good level of servicing and maintenance. Before you considered having performance software installed its advised your vehicle is health checked by a Revo Authorised Dealer.

If your vehicle has any know running issues in a standard form, please notify the dealers straight away and they will be able to offer advice on how to rectify issues so they can proceed with potential software installation. These running issue will need to be resolved before the vehicle can be upgraded.

Dump Valve?

We get asked a lot whether you can run an atmospheric ‘dump’ valve on this engine. Whilst some people think they sound great the engine is not designed to run with an atmospheric valve, it needs to use a recirculating diverter valve to correctly function.

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