2.7T Engine Notes

Making sure your 2.7T engine is healthy.

The 2.7T BiTurbo engine is a fantastic engine, but even new it had a reputation for having a relatively high number of small component issues. Given the age of most vehicles with the 2.7T engine, it is important for the vehicle to be 100% healthy before having any performance software installed.

If your vehicle has any running issues in standard form our dealers will be able advice on how to proceed with rectifying issues. Any running issue needs to be resolved before the vehicle can be upgraded.

What to look out for

Typical issues with the 2.7T BiTurbo engine are:

  • Split/Failed Diverter Valves
  • Coolant temperature sensor failure
  • Throttle body boot splitting
  • Y pipe splits/leaks (on vehicles with plastic Y Pipe)
  • Cam Cover gasket seal leaking
  • EGT sensor failure
  • Lambda probe sensor failure
  • excessively ‘aged’ Spark plugs (due to the location of the coil packs/plugs they are sometimes ‘missed’ when serviced)

NOTES: this is not a fully comprehensive list just an overview, do not be put off by the above information most vehicles can and do suffer from vehicle issues. When building a Stage2 specification car you can run a de-cat or sports cat without getting a Cat efficiency DTC, however, the rear lambda sensor still needs to be plugged into the wiring loom as this is not deleted.