Reinstalling Revo Software

Can I have Revo software removed and reinstalled for a main dealer visit?

Revo offers a lifetime update for main dealer/factory updates. If required your vehicle can be flashed back to stock and previous Revo software reinstalled.Β  There is no charge from Revo for this service as long as exactly the same software that was removed from the vehicle is replaced within 30days by a Revo Authorised Dealer. This service is only applicable to the original purchaser of the Revo software, proof of purchase will be required.Β The dealer reserves the right to charge for any workshop time this may take.

I flashed over my Revo software.

If a third party or non-Revo Authorised Dealer flashed your vehicle back toΒ stock and/or applies a non-RevoΒ tuning file to the ECU then you will be charged the full amount for the reinstallation of Revo software.Β  If you wish to return the vehicle to stock we highly advise this is done through a Revo AuthorisedΒ Dealer and not a third party. This is to ensure that the ECU is fullyΒ returned to stock.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All Revo software is covered by our 30 money back guarantee.