Why isnt my car going on a dyno?

In simple terms,Β  your vehicle doesn’t need to be tested on a dyno.

Our R&D department spends hours on the road, track and rolling roads during test and development before the software is ready to be released. Before it reaches you, it’s already been through thousands of miles of beta testing on vehicles all over the world as part of our Global Development Programme.

Vehicle Health Check

It’s easy to overlook the benefits of a dyno run. Peak figures are great for bragging about in the pub but are far from an accurate measurement of a car’s capability. It’s the power and torque throughout the rev range, the way power is delivered that indicates the power of a car and how it may drive.

Power figures

What is important is the road test and vehicle inspection carried out before Revo Software can be installed. Revo Authorised Dealers will carry out a full health check of your vehicle to ensure there are no issues that need addressing prior to Revo Software. This test can also be performed on a rolling road but it is not a necessity.

Data Logging

After installing Revo Software, the dealer will set the car up by data logging the engine in the same scenario you will drive the vehicle; on the road. As well as monitoring boost, timing and fuelling, one of the most important checks is how the car feels to drive.

Rolling Roads