Importance of MAF Scaling

The MAFΒ (Mass Airflow Sensor) is an integral part of the engine control system.

A MAF sensor determinesΒ the mass of air flowing into the engine’s air intake system. Measured airflow has a direct effect on the fuelling, both stock and Revo calibrations are specific to (unless otherwise specified) a standard scaled MAF sensor housing.

There are many aftermarket intakes available, but not all of them have correct MAF housing scaling. Correct MAF scaling is important, especiallyΒ when tuning your vehicle. Revo intakes with mass airflow sensors have all been designed and tested to be scaled correctly.

SymptomsΒ of incorrect scaling

The ECU will adjust using corrective factors up to a certain point, typically shown by seeing high fuel trim figures. However, an incorrectly scaled MAF housing can cause unstable idling, hesitation, misfiring and erratic power delivery to name but a few symptoms.

When building a Stage2 or higher stage vehicle it’s important to use quality parts that have been tried and tested to prevent seeing the above issues. Its also important to check the MAF sensor itself, a poorly functioning MAF sensor in a correctly scaled housing can also show similar issues.

Revo Intakes

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