PPD170 Engine Support

Revo does not offer software for any 2.0 PPD170 application.

Vehicles Affected: 2006-2008 PD170Revo do not offer Tuning for this application.

Due to the inherent design limitations of this Engine, the Diesel Particulate Filter and the flawed factory regeneration process.Β Revo does not offer software for any PPD170 DPF application.

What is a DPF?Β  In simple terms, the Diesel Particulate filter is part of the exhaust system. It’s responsible for cleaning the engine exhaust gases before they enter the atmosphere.

DPF Function and Problems

The DPF function is to collect soot particles emitted in the exhaust gases. At a predetermined level the DPF supposedly β€˜cleans’ itself by a DPF regeneration, a process that increases the temperature of the DPF and burns off the soot particles.

In theory, the vehicle should be able to carry out its regeneration process un-aided under normal driving conditions. However, in practice, the majority of owners find this isn’t the case and will be told by their main dealer that their driving style is not sufficient. For the process to function the car needs to then be driven a certain way to clear the DPF. VW group documentation says that β€˜short’ or β€˜stop/start’ journeys aren’t sufficient and the regeneration process may not complete. We know of customers that have been advised by the VW Group that they do β€˜too many motorway miles’ for the regeneration to function correctly. VW Group documentation states:

β€˜Driving conditions in inner-city and any UK Island do not proved optimum conditions for the regeneration procedure. Consider your driving style and length of journey to allow for the driving conditions required for DPF regeneration’ refer to owners handbook.’

In a lot of scenarios he regeneration procedure doesn’t complete and allows the DPF to further block and require forced regeneration or DPF failure and replacement; something that’s not usually covered under warranty.

The issues with this engine are mainly related to the regeneration process, this process was refined and functions without issue on the PD140 and later CR engines which Revo Fully Support.

Performance software and DPF

Problems occur when the cars run performance software for the same reasons they occur in standard vehicles.Β  However, depending on the driving style these problems can be accentuated when using performance software.

The DPF can block or get too hot causing hesitation and poor fuel economy. There have been reports in the press of dry DPF systems actually catching fire. Although Revo hasn’t had any dealers or customers experience it. Issues experienced are typically erratic power delivery and fluctuating fuel economy.

For the above reasons and the inconsistency with these engines, Revo has decided not to offer software for any PD170 DPF application.

This only affects the PPD170, not other diesel applications that Revo offer software solutions for

DPF Bypass

We spent a lot of time looking at potential solutions for this engine, including a DPF bypass solution in the form of an aftermarket downpipe and specific software. We thoroughly tested a DPF bypass setup over an 18 month period before coming to the decision to not support this product.

There are no issues with the PD140 DPF vehicles, or later CR (Common Rail) Engines. Revo fully supports these vehicles.