We visited the petrolhead utopia that is Caffeine & Machine



Phil’s craving for automotive perfection started long ago, he has also always been in touch with Marketing and PR on a global scale. Starting his career at the British heritage giants Jaguar Cars in the 1990’s in the PR department, he then moved from there to live in the golden beached city of Dubai, known for its passion for automotive perfection and stunning architecture. It’s a perfect place for Phil to truly focus on his passion for automotive PR, this is where Caffeine & Machine was conceived.

Over the three years, it was mostly an automotive marketing blog and an outlet for news etc, fast forward three years to 2018 and Phil had moved back to the heart of the UK back to his roots, the Midlands. With his heart and soul intently focused on creating an automotive hub for like-minded petrol fueled individuals and groups alike. He stumbled upon a 30-year-old B&B called Hounds Hill nestled on the edges of Stratford Upon Avon surrounded by British countryside and some of the best driving roads the Midlands has to offer.

The Hounds Hill B&B before the transformation.

Being well situated, already presentable, Phil and his team thought they had the perfect base to build upon and turn Caffeine & Machine into what they had always dreamed of. But after removing walls and pulling up flooring they realised they had a bigger task on their hands then first impressions had shown. Caffeine & Machine is also a big family project, with Phil living on site with his wife Emma, Emma’s older brother is head chef, creating culinary delights for the enthusiasts who cross the threshold, spicy chicken wings, mustard glazed hot dogs and gourmet burgers are just some of the mouthwatering meals.  Phils Dad Alan is on site as well to keep everything in tip-top shape.


After hearing about the up and coming opening event we decided to organise a little Revo family trip out to see what all the fuss was about, we like to support local businesses with a like-minded ethos to us. After months of build-up and the event receiving a huge amount of attention on social media, it had to be extended to the whole weekend to cater for the thousands of visitors who ascended into the midlands countryside for Caffeine & Machine.

“So here’s the thing. We’ve been utterly blown away by the feedback from everyone and are properly excited to get the show on the road!

One minor concern is whether we can support the whole wave of people that look to be coming down. You’ve all gone and surprised us 😂.

So, we’ve done everything we can to get ready… getting stocked up, putting a team of people on and made provision for as much PARKING as possible so that the weekend goes smoothly.

If.. (and it’s a big if) we need to turn people away however.. we’re so sorry. Having to do that was never expected.

The good news..We’re now stretching the fun over the full weekend as opposed to just the Saturday. So more time to come say hi 👋

Here’s to the weekend 🤘🏻”

We attended on Sunday with our flagship 500HP MK7R running our Performance pack which is coming soon. We loved the braking point markers on the entrance, we knew were in for a good afternoon.  Welcomed by a vast mix of automotive pornography filling the parking spots around the farmhouse style B&B, from vintage bikes, drift weapons, brand new supercars and even some Revo flashbacks to the past. The array of vehicles that attended was truly a sight to see and this didn’t stop throughout our time there either. With an eclectic mix of vehicles coming through the gates consistently. How many places can you mix some American MoPar heroes with every young boy’s poster car, the Ferrari F40? But that’s what caffeine and machines draw is, anything that is engine powered is celebrated and enjoyed by all.




Couldn’t be truer here, little did we know that this is something a lot of us have longed for, now it’s here we find ourselves thinking what a great idea, why didn’t I think of that. The refurbished building is now decorated in old racing memorabilia, wingback chairs that Jeremy Clarkson himself would be proud of, vintage bicycles and a fully licensed custom steel bar made by Wayne Allman at Intergalactic speed shop, (Engineering porn, if you haven’t seen it, check it out on your next visit). To top it all off Caffeine & Machine have there owned locally produced and branded beer.

Now it’s here we never want it to go away, Phil and his team have created a hub for not just local petrol heads but a true attraction for the whole country. With a welcoming team, a great brand and fantastic location, what more could you ask for?



We were massively surprised by the Revo presence over the weekend with several of our flagship cars visiting the venue via ourselves, Authorised Dealers cars, customer cars or the Land Speed Record Skoda we helped build many years back. It’s great to see Revo vehicles showing a strong front for the brand. We are thinking about holding some Revo events here in the future if this is something people would be interested in… we will see moving forward.


The resounding theme with Caffeine & Machine is that it’s open to all walks of automotive lifestyles rather than singling everything out like a lot of big events or locations do nowadays. If you’re into anything automotive it’s certainly a place you should visit or stay.


From our afternoon visiting we probably missed out on several details and some other automotive gems but we certainly got the feel for it and enjoyed what we saw, safe to say if we are out on spirited drive and looking for a place to location to stop off or just to go and meet our friends Caffeine & Machine is perfect. Phil and his family have truly nailed a hub for thousands of people and a special place for many fantastic memories to be had.

And on that bombshell…