Revo at Meguiars – A day in the bay


Dale from Meguiars invited us over with our iconic Volkswagen Golf MK7 R to demonstrate their premium products on a matte finish wrap and give us some training on some new products they are bringing to the market. The day started with a wheel clean using the always reliable Ultimate Wheel Cleaner on our RVO19 wheels to really agitate and remove all the unwanted road grime and brake dust. After letting this dwell for a few minutes the vehicle is sprayed with Heavy Duty Bug & Tar remover which creates a nice film across the front to remove and flies whos faces have met their bottoms. the vehicle is given a regular wash using Meguairs Gold Class Shampoo. We were shown how to correctly use the two bucket method and a plush Lambs Wool Mitt as it has the correct texture for the matte finish.


After that, the vehicle is then taken into the bay and dried using Meguiars own Microfibre drying towel. To give the car a layer of protection and wax to get that beading effect the car is cover in Meguiars Ultimate Fast Finish. This product works just like a wax but is perfect for matte finish vehicles.


To finish it off the car was given some glass protection as well using Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant so the rain beads of the window when driving on motorways etc. Paul from Revo then had a very in-depth interview with the Meguairs Media Team (Patrick) they were talking all about the car, Revo as a brand and Paul himself.  We even ended up giving them some training on our Only Revo products as well! Paul took Patrick out for some Only Revo fun in the car where he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was blown away by the performance of the vehicle.

“I’ve been in and around a lot of tuned vehicles in my time but I must say the Revo MK7R package is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I didn’t realise you guys go into so much depth with your hardware parts and ECU Tuning, possibly the fastest car I’ve been out in.”

All in all, we had a great day and would like to thank the guys at Meguairs for the invite, let’s do it again sometime. Our Golf MK7 R is now clean until its next shakedown.


Check out the video from Meguiars below.