Has Revo locked my ECU?

Your ECU isn’t Locked.

Revo does not lockout anyone from flashing an ECU, your ECU hasn’t been locked by Revo.

If you take any vehicle with Revo software on to the main dealer or a Revo Authorised Dealer they have will be able to flash the ECU back to stock for you.  Any tuner with a capable flashing tool would also be able to flash a full stock or modified file onto any ECU containing Revo software.


There are some ECU’s we’ve encrypted, this is mainly down to the switchability functions of Revo software. This encryption only blocks the ECU from being read, preventing our software and tuning from being copied. However, the ECU isn’t locked, third-party companies don’t need to read the ECU to write a factory file or there own software onto the ECU.

Know Issues

The only issues we see is when non-Revo Authorised Dealers try to flash the ECU with tooling that has limited functionality. Some tooling doesn’t have the ability to write a full factory file to an ECU, thus not allowing Revo software to be removed and these companies thinking the ECU is locked by Revo.

These types of flashing tools only allow the user to flash or read a small part of the ECU file (sometimes referred to as the data area). Although this is fine on a stock ECU and allows data within select areas to be modified, the limitations don’t allow access to the whole ECU. The ECU is not locked.

If a companies tooling cant flash a factory file to an ECU due to Revo software being present then its best to take the vehicle to a Revo Authorised Dealer who will be more then happy to assist. This eliminates any potential issues which may occur for future flashing of the ECU.

Revo Authorised Dealers

All Revo dealers have the ability to write a full factory ECU file to any ECU we cater for. This also means they can perform factory ECU updates to your vehicle.

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