Two Ford Rangers, Two MX Riders & A Private Off-Road Track (pt1)

What do you get if you take two Ford Rangers, two MX riders, a runway and an off-road track? That’s right, testing… (well that’s how we pitched it to the directors anyway)

As Revo Husqvarna riders Martin Barr and Mel Pocock know all too well, riding in MX is all about having an edge over the competition. Focus, reaction and a bike that you know will be able to handle the drive it takes to win. So we invited Barr and Pocock to join us at Bruntingthorpe’s infamous Proving Ground to put them, and a few of our development vehicles through their paces.

With a Revo Ford Ranger each in a head to head race, what could go wrong? The first test took place on a mile of open runway (part 2 coming soon), however with the second round, rather than pounding the tarmac, we gave them an entire off-road course to attack. Packed with steep inclines, dusty routes, challenging water filled mud ruts, extreme banking and many other off-road terrains, this was the perfect way to test the capability of both riders, the vehicles and Revo performance ECU software.

 Anyone who follows the Motocross MX2 Husqvarna Team will know, the lads are extremely competitive, losing is not exactly an option. We knew no one was going to hold back throughout the day, and both of the Ford Rangers were certainly put through their paces but there was a catch which the riders were unaware of; only one of them was running Revo Performance ECU software.


Performance and Safety

With the blistering summer weather we’re having at the moment here in the UK, you could be mistaken that these shots were taking on a desert safari, but don’t be fooled, this was shot in sunny Leicestershire. With temperatures pushing way up into the high 20 degrees, the Revo Ford Ranger massively impressed throughout the day on every obstacle, taking the high temps in its stride, all while on standard road tyres too! The additional temperature protection safety feature included with Revo Software also meant that Mel could unleash hell on the Ranger.

With Martin pulling the short straw, he buckled up in the standard orange Ranger, while Mel took full advantage of the extra torque the ECU Software gave him with the Revo powered option. Mel later pulled a further trump card to Martin’s despair and shared the fact that he has his own V8 powered off-road monster, and a private track. It was at this point Martin decided that it would be more fun riding shotgun, and abandoned the standard Ranger.

 Both Martin and Mel were hugely impressed by the capabilities of both vehicles on the day. The Ranger can definitely handle itself in off-road challenges and excelled beyond our expectations, however, the Revo powered Ranger was relentless and excelled in every area. With Martin abandoning his post, and Mel absolutely smashing the off-road course he was the undisputed winner and took the first point. To be in with a chance of winning, Martin needed to beat Mel on the runway, in a big way. Part 2 coming soon.

Round two involved putting the Rangers head to head on a mile of runway.