Why you need to be at the next Revo Cars & Caffeine

Big turbo’s, hot coffee, carbon fibre and an epic burnout from Meguiars at Revo Cars & Caffeine.¬†What better way to spend a Sunday morning?

So we hosted our first Cars & Caffeine meet last Sunday and it was a blast. But what’s it all about?¬†Revo Cars & Caffeine is a morning dedicated to cars, performance, tuning and coffee; of course. It’s about celebrating the hard work that goes in to what most people look on as a simple mode of transport. Sunday’s debut at Revo HQ attracted a hardcore bunch of enthusiasts who braved a brisk English morning to talk cars.

So what was on display?

Some of Revo’s extensive development fleet were out to play. The new Audi TTRS ready for further development, a 434HP Ford Focus RS fitted with the Revo Performance Pack, A3 Track Car, 370HP S3 and 500HP Golf R fitted with IS38 ETR turbo and supporting hardware; and if you wanted a closer look there was an EA888 gen3 engine out on display fitted with the full Revo Power Pack.

Mingling with the magazines.

Performance Audi and VWG Magazine supported the event and were there to scout out potential feature cars, talk to subscribers and hand out copies of the mag. If you haven’t picked one of these up then you’re missing out! It’s the perfect for the performance enthusiast, packed with technical guides, event reports, the latest products and much more. You can read what they thought of our RS3 Stage 1 Power Upgrade below. Full report on Cars & Caffeine in the next issue of Performance Audi Magazine (issue 39).

Revo RS3 Software Review


Did I hear ‘free stuff’?

Yes, yes you did. Now our show and shine is a little different to most, so you don’t need to worry about it being perfect; we like driving cars more than polishing them but… we aren’t judging. Sunday’s three winners were chosen by car cleaning guru’s Meguiars who, let’s face it, are a little more particular than us. The winners picked up a Meguiars cleaning kit with some Revo C&C swag thrown in.

It wasn’t an easy choice, with a car park rammed full with Skoda Octavia VRS, TTS, Golf GTD estates and enough S3’s and Golf R’s to shake a stick at, I’m glad I didn’t have to choose! Whether stretched tyres and air-ride is your thing, or if you prefer something a little more suitable for track, you were guaranteed to see something interesting; even a couple of pretty special transporters built by Transporter HQ.

Check out Meguiars


Let us know what you thought.

Comment below on how you thought it went, if you enjoyed it and especially how we can make the next C&C even better!

Thanks to the guys and girls from UK MK7 Golf R Owners Club and MQB OWNERS CLUB!!. The Revo Dealers who travelled over and special thanks to the PA team for making the trip down from Scotland as well as everyone who came along for a coffee. Remember to tag us in any photos from the day using #onlythedriven, #onlyrevo and #carsandcaffeine

Don’t miss the next Cars & Caffeine – 18/03/18

The next date is live and everyone is welcome. With a show & shine dedicated to Ford models and FastFord magazine attending to cover the event, this looks to be another busy one! We’ve even sorted two coffee vans.

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