Form follows function

Revo Carbon Series air intake systems perform beautifully. Designed to function no matter the power, Carbon Series intakes look great because of their effective design. Large internal diameters allow more air to reach the engine. Improved response and sustained top end power. Smooth and more direct internals reduce turbulence and increase air velocity. Comprehensive design from inlet to turbo eliminates restrictions
and looks as powerful as it performs.

Designed from the ground up, every part of the system is tested to ensure the level of performance you demand. No matter what the power, Carbon Series intake systems are optimised to work with minimal modifications right up to big turbo projects.

The Carbon Series design offers incredible performance benefits and a striking addition to your engine bay. Each product is crafted to enhance the flow of air, meaning that great looks are backed up by even better performance.

Cooler air is denser than hot, this means more oxygen and ultimately more power. Ensuring that hot air under the bonnet is kept separate is extremely important. The Carbon Series is an excellent thermal barrier and keeps intake temperatures low and minimises heat soak.