When is the last time you said “I have enough power”? That’s right; never! How does “Stage 3 For Free” sound?

Purchase the legendary K04 Turbo Upgrade Kit and get a Stage 3 Software Upgrade, for those of you already running our Stage 1 or 2 software for free.

If you aren’t already part of the Revo family, not to worry! Pick up the amazing K04 upgrade and Stage 1 software and get an upgrade to Stage 3 software as a thank you for joining the team.

To make the most of this offer, or if you have any questions, please follow this link to use our dealer locator.


Revo 2.0TFSI Transverse K04 Turbocharger System EXC. Software

The Revo 2.0TFSI Stage 3 turbo kit combined with Revo Stage 3 performance software gives the 2.0TFSI an entirely new lease of life, seeing close to 350bhp and 350lbft along with increases throughout the rev-range

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Revo 2.0 TSI EA888 Transverse K04 Turbocharger System EXC. Software

With the larger turbo-charger and supporting Stage 3 software, the 2.0 TSI engine is given an entirely new lease of life, power and torque increases throughout the rev-range making for not just a powerful car but a true all-round performance car.

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*For a limited time, when you purchase our K04 turbo upgrade kit you will receive a free software upgrade if you are an existing customer, and discounted software if you are a new Revo customer. This promotion applies to the genuine Revo K04 upgrade kit for the transverse 2.0TFSI/TSI (E88 & E113) (Excludes E888 Gen3). Exsiting customers will be upgrade from either Stage 1 or 2 to stage 3 software free of charge. New customers can purchase stage 1 software and be upgraded free of charge to stage 3 software when bought with a New Revo K04 Turbo from a Revo Authorised Dealer. Proof of purchase for exsiting Software and Revo K04 turbo will be required for this offer to be valid.

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