REVO Software Overview

Revo Performance Calibration is designed to work with the specific Engine Control Module (ECU) found in your vehicle; all our software goes through extensive research, analysis, development, and testing as part of our quality assurance program. Working with the benefits of the factory control modules allows us to provide you with performance software that doesn’t just increase the power output of your engine but offers enhanced driving characteristics with tuning that perfectly balances performance, economy and longevity.

Our software stages are designed to cater for completely standard (Stage1) vehicles all the way through to vehicles with a built engine, uprated turbocharger and fuel system (Stage4/5). The adjustability, fuel octane and climatic specific options we offer allow for the perfect setup of your vehicle.

Due to variances in factory calibration for engine types our software is specific to each ECU version, not just the vehicle model. We cannot guarantee software is available for your vehicle without our dealer knowing the specific details of the ECU installed; something they check diagnostically when your vehicle is with them for software installation.

Whether for road, track or race, all of our products are tested under the same program. We believe as our customer, you should enjoy real performance products, capable, when required, of seamless transition from road to the track.