The Revo SPS Pro is an advanced control module that syncs with your vehicle to unlock access to a whole host of functions, giving you full control of your Revo software via your dashboard.


  • Control Revo Software - As with our SPS, you can adjust settings and modes set within your Revo software, but now you can do this via your dashboard. (For details of specific vehicles adjustability please use the software product search function on our homepage)
  • Full parameter list - Monitor up to 140 parameters in the vehicle and view them on the dash display
  • Monitor real time engine sensor information - Set-up your Revo SPS Pro to display the screens and data YOU want to see. Receive this realtime information instantly without any delays
  • Time your performance - The built in chronometer allows you to set a stopwatch for acceleration and for laptime measurement. Perfect for race lovers.
  • Diagnostics and Comfort functions - Access common diagnostic coding functions from your Revo SPS Pro screen, as well as comfort functions such as mirror lowering when revers gear is engaged, rain sensors, light sensors etc.
  • Customise screens -Configure up to 10 virtual desktops in your display. Revo SPS Pro allows the use to select the parameters they wish to monitor
  • Safe-code vehicles with Anti-theft PIN -If your Revo software has an Anti-Theft mode the SPS Pro allows you to safeguard it by adding a four digit pin code that you select when enabling AT.


Vehicle Fitment 

 The SPS Pro is compatible with both red dot and white/colour dot factory dash displays (examples shown in amages below) and is available for the following vehicles: 

  •  Volkswagen Golf Mk6 (5K) (WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •   Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 (1K) (RED FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Jetta Mk6 (5C) (WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Caddy (2K) (RED FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Caddy (2C) (WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  • Volkswagen Tiguan (5N) (RED AND WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Touran (1T) (RED AND WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Volkswagen EOS (1F) (RED AND WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Passat (3C) (RED FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Passat (36) (WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Passat CC (35) (WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Scirocco (13) (RED AND WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Sharan (7N) (WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Touran (1T) (RED AND WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Volkswagen Tiguan (5N) (RED AND WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Skoda Octavia II & Skoda Octavia II FL (1Z) (RED AND WITHE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Skoda Superb II (3T) (WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Seat Leon II & Seat Leon II FL (1P) (WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Seat Alhambra (7N) (WHITE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Seat Altea, Seat Altea XL and Seat Altea Freetrack (5P) (RED AND WITHE/COLOR FIS)
  •  Seat Toledo (5P) (RED AND WITHE/COLOR FIS)


Red dot screen                      White Dot Screen 






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 The SPS Pro is a small module device that is installed behind your dashboard in the CAN gateway module.



Function display 

Please see the following videos for a run through ofthe highlighted functionality:


SPS Pro Screen Set up


SPS Pro Mode Configure


SPS Pro Live Data


SPS Pro Stopwatch


SPS Pro Comfort


To download the manual for the red dot factory displays, click here

To download the manual for the white dot factory displays, click here 


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