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2.0T EA888 Gen3b | Carbon Series Intake

Beautifully crafted from the highest quality 3K carbon, the Revo Carbon Series is much more than a visual enhancement. Designed to directly replace restrictive OEM components, the Carbon Series has performance woven into the core of every product.

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Fitting Instructions

- Revo Carbon Intake Kit 2.0 MQB Gen3b

Revo Carbon Series Air Intake System


Volkswagen Audi Group 2.0T EA888 Gen3b with MAF

The Revo Carbon Series Air Intake system is a direct replacement kit and includes a beautiful carbon front panel, designed to increase the flow of air utilising an internal fin, along with a second feed into the engine bay to help keep ambient temperatures lower. The Revo Panel Filter upgrade replaces the restrictive stock paper filter. A Revo silicone hose allows air to flow smoothly to the turbo from the MAF sensor and airbox, resolving the restrictions found during flow testing of the OEM system to improve your engine's response and the power it can create.

Key Features

  • Improved performance and response
  • Replaces rear pipe with a silicone hose
  • Smooths airflow and reduces restriction
  • Direct replacement carbon fibre kit
  • Proven performance benefits


Carbon Series Air Scoop

Manufactured using the highest quality materials, the Revo carbon front section directly replaces the standard plastic part and integrates a direct cold air feed which is blanked off on the standard part to lower engine bay temperatures. A matte carbon finish coupled with impressive performance benefits delivers in form and function, looking great in the engine bay yet still performing above and beyond the OEM part.

Revo Carbon Series Scoop

Pro-Panel Filter

Revo Panel Filters use multi-layered foam technology to trap dust and dirt while maintaining flow efficiency over time. Using foam increases the filter's surface area and is washable, compared to standard paper and cotton filters which trap dust on the surface and become less efficient the more they are used, choking the engine and reducing performance.

Revo Pro Panel Filter


Silicone Intake Hose

No detail has been overlooked when reducing restrictions within the stock airflow system. The stock corrugated plastic hose is replaced with a smooth silicone one, reducing air turbulence and increasing air volume and speed. A four-ply construction with an internal wire helix increases strength to prevent collapsing under pressure. Internal steps flush fit against the stock MAF sensor and the Revo turbo inlet, creating a smooth transition between components ensuring the smoothest airflow.

Revo MQB Gen3b Silicone Hose


Turbocharger Inlet

The Revo machined inlet replaces the restrictive elbow found on MQB vehicles fitted with the transverse 2.0T EA888 Gen3B engine variants. The machined billet aluminium inlet securely fits the OE unit using locking tabs and integrated O-rings. The internal bell mouth structure of the upgraded inlet further aids the design of the Revo hose, as the bell mouth allows for a smooth airflow transition from a large cross-sectional area to a smaller one (turbo), within a small physical space. Air can then stabilise and distribute before a smooth tapered transition to the turbo. Removing the internal steps between components further ensures uninterrupted airflow and removes any unnecessary turbulence.

Revo MQB Gen3b Silicone Hose


PCV Coupler

Like with all MQB intakes, a solution is required to couple the OEM PCV vacuum source to the inlet plumbing before the turbocharger. This solution is also very dimensionally sensitive, as the OEM hose connector requires very specific geometry to connect and seal to the main vacuum. An aluminium, 6061 T6, black anodized PCV coupler is supplied with this kit to ensure a positive engagement with the OEM PCV system.

Revo MQB Gen3b PCV


Research and Development

All Revo products are designed in-house and are rigorously tested utilising an in-house 3D printer, the latest CAD and CFD programs, hub dyno and Revo data acquisition software. The Revo intake allows the turbo to run more efficiently, intake a larger volume of air and minimise turbulence to increase both power and torque, as highlighted during controlled dyno testing.

The Revo MQB GEN3B Carbon Series air intake system was tested in-house to compare the performance against that of the OEM intake. First tested on a vehicle running the OEM intake with Revo Stage 1 software and no other hardware modifications, the Revo intake was then installed and tested in the same controlled environment to highlight the benefits of enhancing airflow and removing restrictions.

Performance Data

The results show improvements in power and torque throughout the rev range, but especially towards the top end where more airflow is required. The Revo intake offers an average gain of +2WHP and +3NM torque over the stock part. Increased airflow also delivers impressive peak performance gains of +5WHP @5500pm and +8NM @3600RPM over the stock intake system.

MQB 2.0T Gen3b Intake Dyno Graph




Vehicle Applications

Manufacturer Model Engine Engine Code Year
Audi A1 (GB) 1 2.0T 200PS CZPC / DKZC 2018 > 
Audi A3 (8V) 2.0T 40TFSI / 190PS CZPB / DKZA 2016 -2020
Audi Q2 (GA) 2.0T 40TFSI / 190PS CZPB / DKZA 2017 >
Audi Q3 (F3) 2.0T 40TFSI / 180PS CZPA  2018 >
Audi TT (8S/FV) 2.0T 40TFSI / 197PS DKZB 2018 >
SEAT Ateca (KH) 2.0T 190PS CZPB / DKZA 2017 >
SEAT Leon (5F) 2.0T 190PS DKZA 2018 >
SEAT Tarraco 2.0T 190PS DKZA 2018 >
Skoda Karoq (NU) 2.0T 190PS DKZA 2018 >
Skoda Kodiaq (NS/NV) 2.0T / 180 & 190PS CZPA / DKZA 2017 >
Skoda Octavia (5E) 2.0T 190PS CZPB / DKZA 2017 - 2020
Skoda Superb (3V) 2.0T 190PS CZPB / DKZA 2017 >
VW Arteon (3H) 2.0T 190PS CZPB / DKZA 2017 >
VW Passat (3G) 2.0T 190PS CZPB / DKZA 2017 >
VW Polo (AW) 1 2.0T 200PS CZPC / DKZC 2017 >
VW Tiguan (AD/AX) 2.0T / 180 & 190PS CZPA / DKZA 2017 >
VW T-Cross (A1) 1 2.0T 190PS CZPB / DKZA 2017 >
VW T-Roc (A1/AC) 2.0T 190PS CZPB / DKZA 2017 >


  1. Hose and turbocharger inlet only - Full kit with Carbon Series Front section will not fit on this vehicle.
  2. Simple replacement of the OEM part.

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