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Audi S6 / S7 4.0 TFSI | Air Intake System

Revo Open Cone Systems completely replace the OEM air intake for those who like to announce their vehicle is far from standard. Along with an aggressive intake sound, more air means access to more power throughout the rev-range.

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Revo 4.0 TFSI Intake S6 S7

The Audi S6 and S7 are impressive cars straight out of the box, yet when combined with Revo’s market-leading software they come into a world of their own. In our search to extract more power from the mighty 4.0 TFSI engine, we quickly found that the stock air-box and filter became a major limitation for the car. During research and development, our in-house engineers worked with both the S7 and RS7 to analyse and compare the differences in each intake system, and how efficiently they performed.

The direct replacement kit, which includes an RS7 air-box, Revo ProPanel filter and stepped silicone hoses were installed and tested on our in-house S7 development vehicle; the results were staggering. On our Dynopak hub dyno, we saw dramatically improved power and torque throughout the rev-range, with consistent gains of +21WHP and +24NM with our Stage 2 software installed.


  • Increases power and torque
  • +21 WHP and + 24 NM gain
  • OEM+ Look
  • Custom designed silicone hoses
  • Revo ProPanel filter

Revo 4.0 TFSI Intake S6 S7


The S and RS air-box may look very similar at a glance, however, after analysis and testing of both air-boxes, it was quite clear that the RS air-box had a tremendous amount of potential with a few essential improvements. The two inlet pipes have a larger 100mm diameter, allowing more air to flow with much less restriction compared to the 85mm stock air-box inlets. Revo software really allows the car to utilise this increase in airflow, all without compromising on the OEM look of the engine bay.

Silicone hoses

To compensate for the larger outlets on the RS7 air-box, we designed and developed two larger silicone hoses to join the air intake system to the engine. Revo’s flush fit designed silicone hoses connect to the air-box without any internal restriction, minimising turbulence and allowing a smoother flow of air to maximise performance.

Revo 4.0 TFSI Intake S6 S7
Revo 4.0 TFSI Intake S6 S7

Revo ProPanel filter

The standard paper filter found in most vehicles performs well under normal conditions, however, with increased power it becomes a major choking point in the system. Revo ProPanel filters work by trapping dirt particles within each of the oiled foam layers while allowing air to negotiate its way through, reducing restriction and offering much longer service intervals. We tested the filter at a leading motor testing centre ‘Mira’ on industry recognised dust load test. On a full dust load test, the foam filter was found to still be 99.3% efficient, filtering down to 5 microns while offering the least amount of restriction over similar products.

full kit

The Revo 4.0 TFSi intake kit comes complete with RS7 air-box, Revo ProPanel filter, silicone hoses and fitting brackets. The kit offers an OEM+ look and fit, with no required modifications to the vehicle, finished off with an aluminium tag.

Revo 4.0 TFSI Intake S6 S7



Revo 4.0 TFSI Intake S6 S7
Revo 4.0 TFSI intake kit vs Stock

Intake performance figures


Engine Software Power Torque
4.0 TFSI Stage 2 + 21 BHP + 24 NM


*Maximum power and torque increases are shown in testing when using Revo 4.0 TFSI intake system compared to stock intake on Audi S7




Manufacturer Model Engine Year
Audi S6 4.0 TFSI 2012 >
Audi S7 4.0 TFSI 2012 >



  1. Simple replacement of the OEM part

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