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Carbon Series | Secondary Air Breather

If your vehicle has a secondary air pump fitted to your airbox then you will require this adaptor. Designed to help lower emissions during cold start, the air supply for the electric pump is taken directly from the stock airbox. This adaptor allows you to connect the hose without ruining the look of the Revo Carbon Series Lid.

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Secondary Air Pump Adaptor

The OEM secondary air feed, designed to lower emissions during cold start was found to cause turbulence during testing of the standard airbox. To combat this, we created a standalone Secondary Air Breather with an integrated three-stage foam filter to supply the electric pump fitted to certain models. If your engine has this feed then this product is required with the Carbon Lid Kit.

Key Features

  • Used with Carbon Series MQB Lid
  • Required for Vehicles with Secondary Air Injection
  • CNC Machined Housing
  • Support Bracket


Machined Housing

Designed to replace the plastic OEM part from the stock airbox lid, the Revo Secondary Air Pump Adaptor is made from 6061 T6 black anodised aluminium to avoid corrosion. With a built-in three-stage foam filter and a multiple hole design to ensure the filter does not collapse, the secondary air pump can efficiently receive a filtered air supply.

Revo Secondary Air Breather


The 2mm thick 304 powdered coated stainless steel bracket offers resistance against engine vibrations and excess movement, designed to secure the breather housing in place without it damaging the carbon lid or disrupting airflow or aesthetics.

Revo Secondary Air Breather



This product is designed to be installed with the Revo Carbon Series MQB Lid and hose kit

Vehicle Applications

Manufacturer Model Engine Year
Volkswagen Audi Group Multiple 2.0 TSI with Secondary Air Injection 2014>



  1. Simple replacement of the OEM part

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This product is suitable for the following vehicle makes and models

VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan (AD/BW) 2017-2020 more info