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Ford Fiesta ST | Air Intake System

Revo Open Cone Systems completely replace the OEM air intake for those who like to announce their vehicle is far from standard. Along with an aggressive intake sound, more air means access to more power throughout the rev-range.

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The Revo Air Intake System for the Ford Fiesta ST is a high-performance upgrade, offering gains in both power and torque over the stock system.

Initial flow testing of the OEM system highlighted its restrictiveness. The route from airbox to turbo varies in diameter and convolutions in the pipe cause turbulence, slowing airflow to the turbo. The OEM airbox performed better than expected however restricted power towards the top end of the rev range, especially when coupled with Revo Software.

The Revo system is currently the only kit that replaces the rear plastic back-pipe with a one-piece 70mm aluminium pipe, mandrel-bent to ensure no internal restrictions. Automotive-grade silicone couplers connect the system to a Revo 3 stage foam filter with integrated MAF sensor housing for ease of fitment and correct scaling. The kit comes complete with an integrated heat shield that utilises the OEM cold air feed, sectioning off the foam filter from the hot engine bay by sealing itself when the bonnet is closed.

Revo recommends this upgrade for anyone running Stage 2 and Stage 3 software to achieve maximum performance, however, Stage 1 has also been optimised to work in conjunction with this Air Intake System upgrade and offers a noticeable intake noise.




  • +8-10WHP & +10 NM Torque
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Machined MAF Housing
  • Increased Airflow


  • 3 Stage Foam Filter
  • Custom Heatshield
  • 70mm Mandrel Bent Pipe
  • Silicone Hoses
  • Fitting Brackets


More Air, Less Restriction

The Revo system was tested on a flow bench to highlight the efficiency of the kit in allowing more air to reach the turbo, quickly and with less restriction. The OEM system reached its maximum potential of 300 cubic feet per minute with a restriction of 759.3 mmWg, compared to the Revo system which was able to flow 460 CFM with a restriction of only 688.5 mmWg. This difference allows the engine to still make power at the top of the rev limit when installed with the Revo kit.


More Power & Torque

In house hub dyno testing consistently showed a gain of +8-10 WHP and +10 NM Torque over the OEM system, with more power throughout and increased torque towards the top end of the rev range. This intake coupled with Revo software offers a very noticeable change with enhanced throttle response and a sporty intake note.


Ford Fiesta ST Intake
Revo Ford Fiesta ST180 Intake
70mm Mandrel Bent Pipe
Revo Ford Fiesta ST180 Intake
Machined MAF Housing
Revo Ford Fiesta ST180 Intake
Revo Ford Fiesta ST180 Intake
Silicone Hoses
Revo Ford Fiesta ST180 Intake
Fitting  Brackets
Revo Ford Fiesta ST180 Intake
Custom Heat Shield




  1. Simple replacement of the OEM part

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