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Ford Fiesta ST MK8 / MK8.5 | OEM+ Intake

Get impressive performance benefits without compromising on the factory look of your engine bay. Revo OEM+ Air Intake Systems utilise the existing air box, replacing any restrictive components with parts precisely engineered to reduce turbulence and improve airflow.

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Revo OEM+ Air Intake System

Ford Fiesta ST MK8 1.5 EcoBoost

The Revo OEM+ Air Intake System for the 1.5 EcoBoost engine improves performance whilst utilising the stock airbox. Ensuring your engine can get access to enough air is paramount when increasing power; more air means more power throughout the rev-range.

Only Revo Air Intake Systems are specifically designed to work in harmony with your vehicle and Revo ECU Software. Engineered to directly replace the restrictive pipework and filter, this kit comes complete with a front silicone hose, aluminium pipe, three-layer foam filter, turbo inlet silicone and fitting kit.

Key Features

  • Increased Performance
  • Improved Air Flow Efficiency
  • Increased diameter crossover
  • Three Stage Foam Filter
  • Utilises stock airbox


OEM vs Revo

When you begin to enhance performance, the restrictive OEM intake struggles to flow enough air, robbing the engine of power. The Revo Air Intake System removes these restrictive elements promoting smoother airflow. OEM+ systems replace any restrictive components with parts precisely engineered to reduce turbulence and improve airflow. Revo Flush Fit silicone hoses avoid unwanted turbulence at joins and increase the rate at which air can flow ensuring maximum performance at any level of tuning.

Revo Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Intake

Cross Over Pipe

The Revo engineering team knew that to create the most effective kit, every component had to be considered to maximise and smooth airspeed. The system is designed around the aluminium cross over pipe, mandrel-bent to maintain the internal diameter in the corner and to remove the restrictions found in the OEM pipe. The direct routing and increased diameter pipe offer superior flow and deliver more air to the turbocharger over a shorter period.

Revo Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Intake


Silicone Hoses

The plastic hoses on the stock system are designed with a corrugated style to flex with the engine movement, while this has its place it also causes a large amount of turbulence as the airflow doesn’t have a smooth direct path to the turbo. We designed the silicone hoses with stepped internals to ensure a flush fit and to minimise turbulence while still allowing for engine movement.

Revo Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Intake


Air Filter

The standard paper filter found in most vehicles performs well under normal conditions, however, with the increased power it becomes a major choking point in the system. Revo filters work by trapping dirt particles within each of the oiled foam layers while allowing air to negotiate its way through, reducing restriction and offering much longer service intervals. The new Revo filter features a direct replacement three-layer foam filter,

Revo Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Intake


Mounting Bracket and Fitting Kit

The Revo kits come complete with a full fitting kit that allows for easy installation. Included is a fully machined crossover bracket which increases the strength of this fixture point and alleviates any possibility of bracket failure from engine movement.

Revo Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Intake



Research and Development

All Revo products are designed in-house and are rigorously tested utilising an in-house 3D printer, latest CAD and CFD programs, hub dyno and Revo data acquisition software. The Revo intake allows the turbo to run more efficiently, intake a larger volume of air and minimise turbulence to increase both power and torque, as highlighted during controlled dyno testing.

The Revo Fiesta Mk8 OEM+ air intake system was tested in-house to compare the performance against that of the Ford OEM intake. First tested on a vehicle running the OEM intake with Revo Stage 1 software, Revo Intercooler and a Milltek GPF back exhaust, the Revo intake was then installed and tested in the same controlled environment to highlight the benefits of enhanced cooling.

Performance Data

The results show improvement throughout the whole rev range, but especially towards the top end of the rev range. The Revo intake offering an average gain of +4WHP, and +6NM torque over the stock part. Increased airflow also delivers impressive peak performance gains of +11WHP @6100rpm and +13NM @6100RPM over the stock intake system.

Revo Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Intake Dyno


More air, less restriction. The Revo system was tested on a flow bench to highlight the efficiency of the kit in allowing more air to reach the turbo, quickly and with less restriction. The OEM system reached its maximum potential of 490 cubic feet per minute with a restriction of 1082 mmWg, compared to the Revo system which was able to flow 570 CFM with a restriction of only 1029 mmWg. This difference allows the engine to still make power at the top of the rev limit, whilst also highlighting the efficiency and less restriction at the lower end, resulting in smoother and increased throttle response.

Revo Ford Fiesta ST MK8 Intake Dyno




Vehicle Applications

Manufacturer Model Engine Year
Ford Fiesta ST MK8 1.5 EcoBoost 2018 - 2021
Ford Fiesta ST MK8.5 1.5 EcoBoost 2022 >
Ford Puma ST 1.5 EcoBoost 2020 onwards


  1. Simple replacement of the OEM part
  2. Stock airbox not included

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This product is suitable for the following vehicle makes and models

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FORD Fiesta ST MK8.5 (2021 >) more info
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