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Revo Open Cone Systems completely replace the OEM air intake for those who like to announce their vehicle is far from standard. Along with an aggressive intake sound, more air means access to more power throughout the rev-range.

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Revo Air Intake System

Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost

The Revo air intake system for the Mustang offers impressive power and torque increases by replacing the restrictive standard system. Suitable for stock vehicles, this intake has been over-engineered to ensure it performs no matter the power you run.

The standard intake system on your Ford Mustang has been designed to function effectively for a standard engine, while also ensuring minimal intake noise for comfort. When you begin to enhance performance, this restrictive plastic intake system struggles to flow enough air through the system, robbing the engine of power. By replacing the OEM intake, you can see incredible performance advantages that Only Revo offer.

Only Revo know that every detail counts; anodised couplers for the OE diverter valve and breather pipe, a machined fitting bracket to ensure strength and stability and an expertly designed temperature sensor boss to ensure accurate readings.

This intake system really is an essential high-quality upgrade designed for those driven by performance.

Key Features

  • Improved airflow
  • Increased performance
  • Reduced airflow turbulence
  • 100mm mandrel-bent aluminium pipe
  • CAD-Designed for direct fitment

Intake Pipe

The system is designed around a lightweight powder-coated intake pipe, mandrel-bent to maintain the internal diameter and to allow a larger volume of air to reach the turbo. At 100mm, the Revo intake system is 10mm larger than the standard intake pipe, ensuring that this kit will perform no matter the power you choose to run.

Ford Mustang Air Intake


The intake system features a laser-cut aluminium heat shield that ensures the filter is well insulated from ambient under-bonnet temperatures. Only Revo offer an additional neoprene sleeve to keep heat away from the filter while allowing for engine movement. The shielding is designed to directly replace the stock airbox and utilises the OE air duct to improve access to cool air from the front of the vehicle.

Ford Mustang Air Intake Heatshield


Triple Layer Foam Filter

An intake system is only as good as the filter. This kit comes complete with a custom Revo foam filter, supported by galvanised epoxy-coated mesh to ensure the filter cannot collapse. The filter has a large external diameter body and a stepped silicone neck, specifically designed for optimum airflow from the filter to pipe-work. Revo foam filters work very differently to conventional paper or cotton-gauze, instead of trapping particles on the outer layer and instantly causing restriction, the layers of foam keep harmful particles from reaching the engine whilst still allowing air to navigate through.

Ford Mustang Air Intake Filter


Silicone Hose

The silicone hoses included in the kit are manufactured using high-quality automotive-grade silicone, engineered to combine the system using stepped necks to offer a smooth transition of air to avoid turbulence. Only Revo gradually taper the entire hose to avoid turbulence and increased air temperature at the point it reaches the turbo, reducing the ID from 100mm to the 47mm diameter of the turbo inlet.

Ford Mustang Air Intake


All Revo testing is done in-house by our own engineers using a 4wheel DynaPack hub dyno to ensure fair and accurate results for all vehicles tested.

The Revo Mustang Air intake was tested on an in-house, US-spec. 2.3L Ecoboost Mustang, fitted with the full Revo Stage 2 Package. Comparison runs here carried out with the stock airbox vs the Revo Air Intake System


Airflow Graph

With the increased intake pipe diameter and Triple layer Foam Filter, the Revo Intake provides an increased peak flow of 36 g/s, and an average increase throughout the rev range of over 23 g/s. Increasing the airflow rate will allow quicker turbo spool and improve throttle response to maximise driveability.

Revo Ford Mustang Intercooler Outlet Temps

Dyno Graph

Allowing the turbo to run more efficiently with increased airflow, and matched with Revo performance software, the Revo Intake produced an impressive 13whp peak gain at 5100rpm. More noticeable is the way the power and torque are increased higher in the rev range, improving power by a maximum of 22whp and torque by over 16NM.



Vehicle Applications

Manufacturer Model Engine Year
Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost 2016>



  1. Simple replacement of the OEM part

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