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OEM+ Intake | MQB 2.0TSI EA888 EVO Tiguan R Air Intake System

Get impressive performance benefits without compromising on the factory look of your engine bay. Revo OEM+ Air Intake Systems utilise the existing airbox, replacing any restriction components with parts precisely engineered to reduce turbulence and improve airflow.

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MQB 2.0TSI EA888 EVO Tiguan R

The Revo OEM+ Intake System has been designed and engineered to directly replace the OE panel air filter and intake pipe found on the EA888 EVO Tiguan R engine with Continental® turbocharger.

Key Features

  • Increased performance & airflow efficiency
  • Three-stage foam filter
  • Larger, stepped silicone for increased/smoother airflow
  • Precision machined OE DV connector
  • 16.52% max, 13.28% average reduction in airflow restriction (vs. OEM parts)


When enhancing the performance of the MQB 2.0TSI EA888 EVO High Output engine with performance software, the restrictive OEM intake limits the potential power gains from the software. The Revo OEM+ Intake Kit removes key restrictive elements of the OEM system to flow more air volume and promote smoother airflow, while still maintaining an OE engine bay look that only the most discerning can see is modified. The OE turbocharger inlet is utilised in the Revo kit, as initial evaluation found that the OE inlet’s size and design (markedly similar to the Revo EVO Low Output inlet) does not provide any significant airflow restriction. The hose and filter components of the Revo system have been meticulously designed to work in harmony with each other and the OE turbocharger inlet – each Revo part’s air volume and flow stability features compliment the next to provide subtle but meaningful performance gains at initial levels of EA888 EVO High Output engine tuning.

Hose 3


The Revo silicone hose perfectly compliments the Continental® OE turbocharger inlet, replacing the OE corrugated plastic hose with a larger, internally smooth part that reduces internal air turbulence and dramatically increases the volume and speed of filtered air delivered to the turbocharger. Specifically designed for the Tiguan R due to the difference in airbox location, the Revo hose’s four-ply construction, coupled with an internal wire helix, increases strength to prevent collapsing under high vacuum and engine bay temperatures. Revo Flush Fit internal steps create a smooth transition between the Revo Lid and OE turbocharger inlet, ensuring the smoothest airflow possible within the system. The quality-controlled gloss black exterior finish naturally blends into the engine bay for a refined but slight visual modification to the EVO High Output engine bay.

Hose 1


The Revo machined DV connector allows for OE fitment to the factory DV hose. The precision machined connector replicates the OE part found on the intake hose, designed to seamlessly fit into the Revo hose at the factory location of the DV takeoff. Strict machining tolerances and quality control ensure that the fitment of the Revo connector mirrors the factory connection exactly, ensuring no boost pressure is lost during recirculation and thus allowing for maximum intake performance.

DV Takeoff


An intake system is only as good as the filter. The included Revo three-stage foam replacement panel filter improves on the flow characteristics of the OEM paper filter without reducing the level of intake air filtration. Revo three-stage filters work very differently than conventional paper or cotton-gauze mediums, trapping large particles on the outer layer and filtering progressively finer particles at the inner layers to provide equal-or-better levels of air filtration compared to the OE paper filter, while still allowing significantly higher volumes of filtered air into the intake. A galvanized metal mesh supports the Revo three-stage filter media to provide the required support against extreme and prolonged vacuum loads and the custom-manufactured rubber top plate fits directly into the OE lower airbox to provide a durable, high performance air filtration solution.


Research and Development

All Revo products are designed in-house utilising an in-house 3D printer, 3D scanner and the latest CAD and CFD programs. Bench airflow testing was carried out on both the full OE EVO High Output intake system and the Revo OEM+ Intake Kit at a third party, independent facility within a controlled environment to ensure fair test data was captured and to accurately quantify the intake restriction benefits of the Revo kit.


The bench airflow testing results show the Revo kit’s average 13.28% reduction in restriction throughout the entire airflow range. Notably, the top end of the airflow testing range is where the OE system is most restrictive, the Revo kit offers the most improvements and where performance software typically unlocks additional power (through higher boost pressure/airflow turbocharger demands). The Revo kit was able to flow over 650CFM at 1029.63 mmWG restriction, over 50CFM more than the OE system at 600CFM and a significantly higher 1027.73 mmWG restriction. At the OE maximum flow volume of 600CFM, the Revo kit reduced restriction by 12.33% (901.03 mmWG vs. 1027.73 mmWG). At a 350CFM flow testing volume, the Revo kit yields the maximum restriction reduction of the entire test (16.52% reduction – 279.33 mmWG vs. 334.6 mmWG), clearly demonstrating how the Revo kit out-performs the OE system, improves the intake airflow of the EVO High Output engine and increases vehicle performance.




Vehicle Applications

Manufacturer Model Engine Variant Year
VW Tiguan R 2.0 TSI AX 2021 Onwards


  • Simple replacement of the OEM parts
  • Does not fit the 2.0T EA888 EVO engines equipped with the Garrett® turbocharger, only vehicles with the Continental® turbocharger unit
  • Speciffically designed to fit Tiguan R only

This product is suitable for the following vehicle makes and models

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