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REVO Stage 1 Software for a AUDI A6 3.0 Bi Tdi | Only REVO


More Software for this vehicle: Stage 1

Stage 1 AUDI, A6, 3.0 Bi Tdi

Power Torque
Stock 313ps 479lbft
REVO Stage 1 Software from 343ps to 353ps from 554lbft to 586lbft

NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions, if you hover over the you can see power information in PS, BHP and KW

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Prices shown are excluding taxes where applicable

Stage 1

All Revo performance Software is designed to safely enhance the driveability of your vehicle, giving access to more power and torque throughout the rev range while maintaining extensive factory safety mechanisms. Although Revo offers some of the most substantial performance increases on the market, peak figures form part of a much bigger picture and are never the sole focus during development. Revo Software offers a perfect balance of performance, economy, longevity and safety. Development and testing of Revo performance software are done in several territories around the world, taking into account variations in atmospheric conditions such as altitude and temperature. The Revo R&D process is the most extensive and in-depth in the industry, giving you a product you can trust and an experience you won't forget.

 The 3.0L V6 Bi Tdi engine is a fantastic power plant with a fantastic amount of torque at your disposal almost anywhere in the rev range. Whilst people have raved on about the capability of this engine we were never convinced that it couldn’t be bettered. The arrival of our own SQ5 was interesting, to say the least, never has there been so much excitement and enthusiasm at Revo HQ over the arrival of a new diesel vehicle.

The past few months have been spent working on our own vehicle and numerous test vehicles in different regions around the world. Our stage1 software is the result of that work and gives great gains throughout the rev-range along with incredibly smooth power delivery.

We don’t just concentrate on pushing engines as far as they can go, we have a tuning philosophy in place and always aim for the perfect balance between performance and economy with emphasis on longevity and safety. Unlike many tuners out there, we utilize the extensive capabilities of the factory ECU; we use safety parameters such as EGT protection to ensure the engine is not being pushed out of its comfort zone and is working within a safe tolerance.

Our excitement and enthusiasm for the 3.0 Bi Tdi haven’t been unfounded, with stage1 calibration it’s an immensely capable engine, an exciting diesel and makes for a fantastic all-rounder. You’d be losing out if you didn’t give your car the Revo treatment.


Testing facilities at their UK Headquarters and US Development Facility and using Proving Grounds, Revo can test their products extensively on and off track. Testing products in this way is paramount to ensuring that along with more useable power and torque comes refined drive-ability, something often overlooked.


Testing on a dyno will only ever tell part of the story. Revo believes in data-logging on the road and racetrack as well as testing in controlled dyno conditions, to give you a clearer picture of the performance you can expect. This plays an important role in the Revo development process, ensuring the highest quality products that perform where and when it matters most.


Access to vehicles is imperative to development and testing. Revo runs one of the most extensive fleets in the industry, and have access to hundreds of other beta vehicles via a global Authorised Dealer Network. These vehicles not only demonstrates what is capable of using Revo products, which cover thousands of miles in a multitude of climates but also ensures that vehicles perform in any scenario, from a trip to the local shops to an epic adventure in the Alps.


  • Up to 40 PS and 107 lbft over a stock vehicle



OBD Port Install

Revo Software can be installed quickly and safely via the OBD Port without the need to open the ECU.

Money-Back Guarantee

We know you'll love how Revo Software transforms your car. If you don't, we'll give you your money back.

Fuel Economy

Depending on your driving style, this software will deliver like for like fuel economy in 'normal' driving conditions.




  1. All Revo Software availability is ECU ID Dependant.

Please contact your local Revo Authorised Dealer for additional information and availability.

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Revo ECU Software is only available from one of over 400 Authorised Dealers worldwide. You can find your closest dealer by clicking here.

Please note that although we always aim to release ECU Software that covers as many ECU variants as possible, from time to time Revo Software may not be available for your specific vehicle. Your Revo Authorised Dealer can submit a code request direct to Revo HQ if this is the case, however this does not guarantee a file will be made available.

Software available for your AUDI, A6, 3.0 Bi Tdi (313ps)

Stage 1 Software