Stage 2 +
VOLKSWAGEN, Golf V, 2.0 TFSI - Turbo K04

Power Torque
Stock 230ps 221lbft
REVO Stage 2 + Software from 330ps to 370ps from 338lbft to 360lbft

NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions, if you hover over the you can see power information in PS, BHP and KW


In addition this software works with the REVO SPS (sold seperately), SPS Modes for this software: Boost, Fuelling and Timing Adjustable - more info


Performance ECU software is a must-have for any 2.0TFSI equipped vehicle and offers great performance gains and a lot of potential for those driven to experience its true potential. We've specifically calibrated the software to improve the performance of the entire rev range and can be tailored to your specific requirements with our unique software adjustability. Our Stage 2+ Performance Software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from the 2.0TFSI with uprated hardware from Stage 2, however is specific to cars with up-rated high pressure fuel pumps. The up-rated fuel pump allows much more power throughout the rev range but specifically in the midrange where the stock pump is insufficient.

Get far more than a peak power figure.

Revo offers some of the most substantial performance increases on the market, however, only the driven know that peak figures form part of a much bigger picture and are never the sole focus during Revo’s development process; it’s all about the drive. Only Revo offers a perfect balance of performance, economy and engine longevity.

Revo performance ECU Software gives you much more than just an increase in power and torque. A large part of development is based on driving scenarios and feedback; our calibration doesn’t just offer great dyno curves and peak power/torque figures but an exhilarating driving experience. Expect smooth and refined response at low RPM & partial throttle, with huge gains at wide-open throttle and throughout the whole rev range.


Software Features



Switchable and fully adjustable software 1



Only Revo operates a Global Development Programme through its network of over 400 Revo Authorised Dealers worldwide. Access to vehicles on this scale enables the calibration team to fine-tune products before release, testing products in a wide range of climates and conditions including altitude, fuel quality, humidity. This also allows Revo to test how Revo products perform in different driving scenarios and formed a vital part in the development of Performance ECU Software.

Developed on the racetrack, ready for the road.

The Revo tuning philosophy ensures that impressive performance benefits are balanced with useable, reliable power delivery that enhances the way you can drive your vehicle. Development on the road and racetrack as well as testing in controlled dyno conditions gives you a clearer picture of the performance you can expect from Revo ECU Software. Testing in this way plays an important role in ensuring the highest quality products and delivering the driving experience expected.

Only Revo performance ECU Software maintains and enhances factory safety levels along with additional driving features. With the SPS Software Switch, you can even customise three performance modes depending on the fuel you use and your running conditions.




Using an SPS switch you can take advantage of the switch-ability of Revo software. The Patented OBD2 interface is the ultimate compliment to Revo performance software, giving you the ability to switch between stock and 3 adjustable performance modes via the vehicle OBD port.

Performance Modes can be customised to our preferences e.g: Low octane specific, high octane specific, low boost/high boost, or valet mode. Speak to your Revo Authorised Dealer

  • SPS Position 1 – Stock Mode
  • SPS Position 2 – Performance Mode A
  • SPS Position 3 – Performance Mode B
  • SPS Position 4 – Performance Mode C
  • SPS Position 5 – Anti Theft Mode ON
  • SPS Position 6 – Anti Theft Mode OFF

Simply select a program, plug in, wait a few seconds, remove the SPS device and start the car. It's simple and there's no fixed switch to install in the vehicle. With the MED9 ECU and Revo adjustable Software, settings will default to the equivalent of stock when the battery is disconnected. The SPS or your Revo Authorised Dealer can be used to reset the performance mode settings. Learn More.



We offer a linear throttle version of our software for this application to enhance your driving experience even further.Learn more.


The Revo Difference


OBD Port Install

Revo Software can be installed quickly and safely via the OBD port without the need to open the ECU.

Money-Back Guarantee

We know you'll love how Revo Software transforms your car. If you don't, we'll give you your money back.

Fuel Economy

Dependant on your driving style, this software will deliver like for like fuel economy in 'normal' driving conditions.



  1. Additional SPS Software Switch purchase required.
  2. All Revo Software availability is ECU ID Dependant.
  3. Software option at time of installation.

Please contact your local Revo Authorised Dealer for additional information and availability.

© Revo

- Turbo Back Exhaust with a Sports Cat

- High Flow Intake System with correct MAF scaling

- Uprated High Pressure Fuel Pump

- Uprated Intercooler

Hardware Recommendations:

- Uprated Engine Mounts

- Uprated Clutch

- Latest revision factory DV

- Latest revision factory PCV

Revo ECU Software is only available from one of over 400 Authorised Dealers worldwide. You can find your closest dealer by clicking here.

Please note that although we always aim to release ECU Software that covers as many ECU variants as possible, from time to time Revo Software may not be available for your specific vehicle. Your Revo Authorised Dealer can submit a code request direct to Revo HQ if this is the case, however this does not guarantee a file will be made available.

Software available for your VOLKSWAGEN, Golf V, 2.0 TFSI - Turbo K04 (230ps)

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