Vehicle Care and Maintenance Technical Support

Care and maintenance is important for any vehicle regardless of the state of tune. The further you push your vehicle the more you need to service it. Below are some recommendations for servicing and maintenance.

NOTE: This page is a guideline only and in no way a guaranty of faultless running.

For a stage 1 or 2 vehicles, Revo suggest that you maintain the same service schedule recommended by your vehicles manufacturer. Unlike standard air-filters that you replace aftermarket air-filters required routine cleaning in order to correctly function, this needs to be accounted for with your general servicing.

For stage 2+ and higher stage vehicles, Revo highly recommend reducing the service intervals. As you are running more power through the engine, wear is obviously going to increase.

Vehicle use-age has a big effect on general wear and tear, if you use your vehicle on the track or for long distance driving trips it’s advised to do both pre and post inspection and fluid changes.

If you are running a TFSI with an up-rated fuel pump, Revo recommend a visual inspection of the cam follower every 5000 miles or at the very least, adding it to your normal service schedule. For more details click here to see the HPFP technical page.